Derek spends the night at Meredith's, which they try to keep secret from her other roommates. George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking before major surgeries but is scolded when he does speak up. Alex treats a man who enjoys being in pain, and Cristina catches the flu.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 1

# Title Air Date
Grey's Anatomy
1:1 A Hard Day's Night Mar 27, 2005
1:2 The First Cut Is the Deepest Apr 3, 2005
1:3 Winning a Battle, Losing the War Apr 10, 2005
1:4 No Man's Land Apr 17, 2005
1:5 Shake Your Groove Thing Apr 24, 2005
1:6 If Tomorrow Never Comes May 1, 2005
1:7 The Self-Destruct Button May 8, 2005
1:8 Save Me May 15, 2005
1:9 Who's Zoomin' Who? May 22, 2005

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