Competition between the interns ensues after an annual unauthorized bike race causes many injuries. Izzie has trouble locating the family of a near brain-dead man, and Cristina is excited when the patient's family agrees to harvest his organs if he dies, leading Bailey to lecture her on bedside manner. A patient who is a friend of Dr. Webber flirts with George.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 1

# Title Air Date
Grey's Anatomy
1:1 A Hard Day's Night Mar 27, 2005
1:2 The First Cut Is the Deepest Apr 3, 2005
1:3 Winning a Battle, Losing the War Apr 10, 2005
1:4 No Man's Land Apr 17, 2005
1:5 Shake Your Groove Thing Apr 24, 2005
1:6 If Tomorrow Never Comes May 1, 2005
1:7 The Self-Destruct Button May 8, 2005
1:8 Save Me May 15, 2005
1:9 Who's Zoomin' Who? May 22, 2005

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