Darlene steals a gun, and has a conversation with Angela that implies they are longtime friends. Elliot and fsociety re-plan their attack but still need the Dark Army. Elliot meets Whiterose, a transgender woman obsessed with time, who says the Dark Army backed out because Gideon, suspicious of Elliot's story, turned E Corp's hacked server into a honeypot. With help from Darlene, Elliot shuts this down. Tyrell finds fsociety's .dat file after Gideon tells him of the honeypot and meets with Mr. Robot, and it appears that the two are working together. He reminds Mr. Robot that he knows his "dirty little secret" when Mr. Robot refuses to cooperate, which Mr. Robot shrugs off. When police question the Wellicks about Sharon's murder, Joanna secretly breaks her own water with a fork to distract them. Elliot tells Darlene of their plan's success, and an ecstatic Darlene tells him she loves him. He kisses Darlene, who is revolted. She asks if he "had forgotten again". Elliot realizes that Darlene is his sister, but he has no recollection of her. He finds a CD that contains old family photos - revealing that Mr. Robot is his father.

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