When the pilots go on strike, Quagmire finds himself on the picket line. When he finds a bachelorette party in progress, the cash the girls toss at him inspire him to take up stripping. After excusing himself from a night with the guys, they follow and discover that he is working in a strip club. When Peter accuses him of having sex for money, he denies it until some ladies actually do offer him cash for sex. Continuing to have sex with women, he is stiffed by a customer. When Peter picks him up as he has no cash for a ride, Peter intervenes and gets his money for him. After Quagmire gives him a cut for helping him out, they agree to let Peter be his pimp. But when Peter's continuous bookings wear him out, he tries to take a break but is rebuffed by Peter.

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Family Guy Season 15

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
15:1 The Boys in the Band Sep 25, 2016
15:2 Bookie of the Year Oct 2, 2016
15:3 American Gigg-olo Oct 16, 2016
15:4 Inside Family Guy Oct 23, 2016
15:5 Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date Nov 6, 2016
15:6 Hot Shots Nov 13, 2016
15:7 High School English Nov 20, 2016
15:8 Carter and Tricia Dec 4, 2016
15:9 How the Griffin Stole Christmas Dec 11, 2016
15:10 Passenger Fatty-Seven Jan 8, 2017
15:11 Gronkowsbees Jan 15, 2017
15:13 The Finer Strings Feb 19, 2017
15:12 Peter's Def Jam
15:14 The Dating Game Mar 5, 2017
15:15 Cop and a Half-wit Mar 12, 2017
15:16 Saturated Fat Guy Mar 19, 2017
15:17 Peter's Lost Youth Mar 26, 2017
15:18 The Peter Principal Apr 30, 2017
15:19 Dearly Deported May 21, 2017
15:20 A House Full of Peters May 21, 2017

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