Louise decides to let her relationship with Spencer fizzle out after seeing him flirting with Caggie again, and Jamie wastes no time in asking her out on a date. Gabriella faces another confrontation with Ollie when he reveals his feelings about her becoming friends with Chloe. Cheska feels betrayed when Binky chooses going to Caggie's gig over her dinner party, and the pair end up falling out when loyalties are questioned. Hugo finally picks up the courage to apologise to Cheska, Amber lets it slip to Natalya that Francis tried to kiss her, and Spencer is hurt when Proudlock and Caggie kiss.

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Made in Chelsea Season 2

# Title Air Date
Made in Chelsea
2:1 Capitalism Makes You Beautiful Sep 19, 2011
2:5 My Mum Sometimes Calls Me Football Head Oct 17, 2011

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