At Naz's trial, a doctor who had been prepped by Weiss testifies that the wounds on Naz's hand implicate him in a multiple stabbing. However, Dr. Katz, another medical expert, disputes the claims. It is also revealed that Naz injured a second boy in high school, and in college, he sold Adderall to other students for a significant profit. Stone learns more suspicious information about Don and joins his gym in an attempt to spy on him. Don discovers this, and threatens Stone and his family to stay away. During a meeting, Chandra and Naz kiss, which Chandra regrets immediately. Meanwhile, Stone becomes suspicious about Box's removal of Naz's inhaler from the crime scene, and subpoenas him. During the resulting testimony, Chandra tells Box she believes he doubts Naz's guilt. Naz finds a young prisoner named Petey, who earlier prostituted himself to another prisoner named Victor, has committed suicide. Naz tells Freddy, who kills Victor with a razor.

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The Night Of Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Night Of
1:1 The Beach Jul 10, 2016
1:2 Subtle Beast Jul 17, 2016
1:3 A Dark Crate Jul 24, 2016
1:4 The Art of War Jul 31, 2016
1:5 The Season of the Witch Aug 7, 2016
1:6 Samson and Delilah Aug 14, 2016
1:7 Ordinary Death Aug 21, 2016
1:8 The Call of the Wild Aug 28, 2016

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