A great smog covers London, which Churchill deems an 'Act of God' and mere weather. People begin dying, including Churchill's favoured secretary Venetia Scott (Kate Phillips), who is hit by a bus due to bad visibility. Elizabeth is pressured to ask Churchill to step down, but is reluctant as royalty does not usually involve itself with the affairs of government. However, with Churchill blamed for the smog and not taking action, she decides to call him to see her. However, Churchill makes an impassioned speech at a hospital after visiting Venetia's body, and Elizabeth changes her mind. Meanwhile, Philip begins flying lessons from the Royal Family's aide, Group Captain Peter Townsend (Ben Miles).

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The Crown Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Crown
1:1 Wolferton Splash Nov 4, 2016
1:2 Hyde Park Corner Nov 4, 2016
1:3 Windsor Nov 4, 2016
1:4 Act of God Nov 4, 2016
1:5 Smoke and Mirrors Nov 4, 2016
1:6 Gelignite Nov 4, 2016
1:7 Scientia Potentia Est Nov 4, 2016
1:8 Pride & Joy Nov 4, 2016
1:9 Assassins Nov 4, 2016
1:10 Gloriana Nov 4, 2016

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