Through flashbacks, the abdication of King Edward (Alex Jennings) is explored. In 1952, Edward, now known by the title of Duke of Windsor, returns to the UK for his brother's funeral. There is deep animosity between the Duke and both his mother, Queen Mary, and sister-in-law Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, who he nicknames 'Cookie', in his letters to his wife Wallis (Lia Williams). Elizabeth meets with Churchill and discusses two of Philip's demands: firstly, the family keeps his name of Mountbatten, and secondly, they remain living at Clarence House rather than moving to Buckingham Palace. Churchill is reluctant to bend to either demand, and the counsel of her uncle Edward convinces Elizabeth to drop the requests, to Philip's fury. Churchill also pushes back Elizabeth's coronation to over a year away, which Elizabeth recognises to be to secure his own power against his party, who believe him too old to be Prime Minister.

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The Crown Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Crown
1:1 Wolferton Splash Nov 4, 2016
1:2 Hyde Park Corner Nov 4, 2016
1:3 Windsor Nov 4, 2016
1:4 Act of God Nov 4, 2016
1:5 Smoke and Mirrors Nov 4, 2016
1:6 Gelignite Nov 4, 2016
1:7 Scientia Potentia Est Nov 4, 2016
1:8 Pride & Joy Nov 4, 2016
1:9 Assassins Nov 4, 2016
1:10 Gloriana Nov 4, 2016

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