Claire gets Cage in an ambulance to a hospital; but they are attacked by Diamondback en route. They take refuge in a women's clinic, where Claire examines Cage's tissue to find a way to take out the Judas shrapnel. Candace, a waitress and hostess at Stokes' club, tells the police that it was Cage who killed him, making Knight suspicious of Dillard. Knight calls Cage and informs him of the accusation, while another officer triangulates his location. She arrives at the clinic, attempting to arrest him; but they are attacked by Diamondback again. Cage recognizes him as his childhood friend Willis Stryker, with Stryker blaming him for leaving him to "rot". Cage follows Stryker to the United Palace and overpowers him, but he manages to escape. Dillard secretly pays Candace for testifying against Cage. In custody, Claire insists that Cage is innocent, making Knight so angry that she assaults her before the inspector intervenes and has Claire released. Stryker confronts Cage on a sidestreet, reveals himself as his brother and shoots him with another Judas bullet, knocking him in a garbage truck.

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Luke Cage Season 1

# Title Air Date
Luke Cage
1:1 Moment of Truth Sep 30, 2016
1:2 Code of the Streets Sep 30, 2016
1:3 Who's Gonna Take the Weight? Sep 30, 2016
1:4 Step in the Arena Sep 30, 2016
1:5 Just to Get a Rep Sep 30, 2016
1:6 Suckas Need Bodyguards Sep 30, 2016
1:7 Manifest Sep 30, 2016
1:8 Blowin' Up the Spot Sep 30, 2016
1:9 DWYCK Sep 30, 2016
1:10 Take it Personal Sep 30, 2016
1:11 Now You're Mine Sep 30, 2016
1:12 Soliloquy of Chaos Sep 30, 2016
1:13 You Know My Steez Sep 30, 2016

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