The police interview continues. Spector recalls the death of Susan Harper as a sex game gone wrong. Unimpressed, Gibson taunts Spector, telling him to grow up and drop the act, apparently touching a nerve. Spector lashes out at Gibson, leaving her bruised. After witnessing Spector's outburst, Burns has a nervous breakdown and Wallace quits Spector's legal team. Back at the Foyle Clinic, Dr. Larson informs Spector that his condition is treatable, but not curable. Gibson visits Katie Benedetto in the juvenile detention facility, where she has been self-harming. She urges Katie not to ruin her life to impress Spector. Meanwhile, Spector persuades fellow patient Mark Bailey to create a distraction in the lounge. In the ensuing chaos, Spector beats up Dr. Larson and takes his belt. He uses it to strangle Bailey to death, before hanging himself on the back of the bathroom door, the same method that his mother used to commit suicide. Following Spector's death, Operation Music Man is disbanded, and Burns resigns. Gibson returns to her home in London.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these poetry...

The Man of Double Deed
written by

This Poem is referred to by Their Solitary Way part of The Fall Season 3
Peter quotes this poem to another man in the mental ward

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The Fall Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Fall
3:1 Silence and Suffering Sep 25, 2016
3:2 His Troubled Thoughts Oct 2, 2016
3:3 The Gates of Light Oct 9, 2016
3:4 The Hell Within Him Oct 16, 2016
3:5 Wounds of Deadly Hate Oct 23, 2016
3:6 Their Solitary Way Oct 28, 2016