Gibson and Burns are under investigation for the way Spector's case was handled. Rose demands to leave the hospital after discovering Spector is in a bed only a few feet away. Katie lashes out at her former friend, who spoke to the press about Spector, squirting corrosive substance in her eyes as revenge. Gibson and the officers investigate a lock-up used by Spector and discover disturbing photos and journals that suggest further killings. Sally Ann secures one of Belfast's most notorious defence lawyers, Sean Healy (Aidan McArdle) to plead Spector's case. Spector regains consciousness and after interacting with his wife and daughter, it is apparent he has suffered from amnesia and doesn't remember anything after 2006.

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The Fall Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Fall
3:1 Silence and Suffering Sep 25, 2016
3:2 His Troubled Thoughts Oct 2, 2016
3:3 The Gates of Light Oct 9, 2016
3:4 The Hell Within Him Oct 16, 2016
3:5 Wounds of Deadly Hate Oct 23, 2016
3:6 Their Solitary Way Oct 28, 2016