After the events in the forest, Spector and Rose are taken to the general hospital, where the doctors battle to save Spector's life. Kiera (Aisling Bea) is the nurse assigned to care for Spector. Gibson's shock turns to numbness as she panics at the prospect of Spector not surviving and justice not being delivered to the victims' families. Katie despairs as news of Spector's shooting makes the news. Olivia, Spector's daughter, finds news articles about Spector being the 'Belfast Strangler' online.

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The Fall Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Fall
3:1 Silence and Suffering Sep 25, 2016
3:2 His Troubled Thoughts Oct 2, 2016
3:3 The Gates of Light Oct 9, 2016
3:4 The Hell Within Him Oct 16, 2016
3:5 Wounds of Deadly Hate Oct 23, 2016
3:6 Their Solitary Way Oct 28, 2016