Earn loses his jacket, which has imporant items to him, after a night of partying. The Uber driver, who is a drug and weapons dealer, has it but ends up getting shot by police while wearing it. Later, Paper Boi gives Earn a generous 5% pay which he gives to Van. Earn's coworker Justin comes by and returns the important item he desperately needed-a key which unlocks the storage facility space he is living in.

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Atlanta Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 The Big Bang Sep 6, 2016
1:2 Streets on Lock Sep 6, 2016
1:3 Go for Broke Sep 13, 2016
1:4 The Streisand Effect Sep 20, 2016
1:5 Nobody Beats the Biebs Sep 27, 2016
1:6 Value Oct 4, 2016
1:7 B.A.N. Oct 11, 2016
1:8 The Club Oct 18, 2016
1:9 Juneteenth Oct 25, 2016
1:10 The Jacket Nov 1, 2016

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