Prairie gets to know Homer, Scott and Rachel, the other three captives. Homer was an athlete who was taken a year before OA. Hap eventually begins letting her out of her cage to help around the house, as he is soft on her and trusts she can't escape because of her blindness. He regularly pumps gas to their cages as part of an experiment, but the four cannot figure what that is, as the gas makes them pass out. After the story, the boys and BBA deal with their own situations, such as the death of BBA's twin brother, Theo. BBA also defends Steve from being sent to Asheville, convincing his parents to put him in special education instead. In OA's story, Hap is dying from food allergy but he convinces Prairie to save him, as without the passcode to the cages the others will starve to death. In the process of getting him an EpiPen, she discovers the dead body of another girl he had kidnapped earlier, "August". She later pushes him down the staircase of the basement, and escapes the house. She makes it to a cliff, but Hap hits her in the head knocking her unconscious.

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