OA has a premonition of a big space with a metallic sound, but she can't tell what it means. She discusses it with Elias, who suggest that her "psychic" capability might be the result of being able to notice even the smallest cues around her. He also tells her to just accept whatever happens. Steve is being shipped to Ashville but BBA uses her cheque to bribe the drivers to let him go. OA has dinner with her parents, when Nancy gets upset that she knows nothing about what happened to her daughter. OA explains that she scarred herself with the notations of the movements that open another dimension and she knows all this because she's "the Original Angel", which causes Nancy to slap her. French suggests to OA to forgive Nancy and Abel and consider them as her parents and one of the reasons she came back from her NDEs. Steve accuses OA for using him and the rest just so that she gets back to Homer and stabs her with a pencil. She embraces him and calms him down. He asks her how she survived all those years and she replies she did because she wasn't alone.

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The OA Season 1

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