Hap convinces the sheriff that OA and Homer can cure his dying wife. Once healed, she reveals she is an NDE survivor that can give them the fifth movement. Upon doing so, Hap kills her and her husband. He dumps OA to the road, telling her he will jump dimensions with the others. In the present, OA tells a simplified version of her story to her parents. Nancy reveals to Abel she knew OA had left on her own. French breaks in OA's house and discovers some books that relate to OA's story (e.g. Homer's Iliad). He stumbles upon Elias and tells him OA's stories were lies, but Elias responds what matters is that French was there for her. French shares the revelation with the others. Later, a shooter approaches the school cafeteria. OA, realizing what her premonition meant, runs towards the school, where the five perform the movements in front of the shooter until somebody subdues him. A stray bullet hits OA in the chest. As she's transported to the ambulance she tells them that their plan worked. The scene cuts to black, then to OA looking into the camera, and then black again, as she says "Homer?".

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The OA Season 1

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