Steve and Stan enjoy orderly life in Langley Falls, while Hayley rallies for recycling (which Stan is against solely because she is in favor of it). After the neighborhood watch, which consists of Greg and Terry, stops Hayley from putting a sticker on a post box, Stan notices an above ground sprinkler (all other sprinklers are below-ground, so such a sprinkler threatens his "harmony"). At the next board meeting of the homeowners' association, Stan uses appeal to fear propaganda to prohibit such sprinklers. The board, that consists of Sergei, Father Donovan, Principal Lewis and Linda, all vote in favor. The board is looking for a chairman and they ask Stan. Stan refuses, because he already served the maximum eight terms. Francine volunteers, but Stan denies her the position. Later, when Roger's plan to drink a Roy Rogers cocktail does not materialize because Stan refused to pick up the required grenadine at the grocery store, Roger sets out for revenge.

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American Dad! Season 5

# Title Air Date
American Dad!
5:1 1600 Candles Sep 28, 2008
5:2 The One That Got Away Oct 5, 2008
5:3 One Little Word Oct 19, 2008
5:4 Choosy Wives Choose Smith Nov 2, 2008
5:5 Escape from Pearl Bailey Nov 9, 2008
5:6 Pulling Double Booty Nov 16, 2008
5:7 Phantom of the Telethon Nov 30, 2008
5:8 Chimdale Jan 25, 2009
5:9 Stan Time Feb 8, 2009
5:10 Family Affair Feb 15, 2009
5:11 Live and Let Fry Mar 1, 2009
5:12 Roy Rogers McFreely Mar 8, 2009
5:13 Jack's Back Mar 15, 2009
5:14 Bar Mitzvah Shuffle Mar 20, 2009
5:15 Wife Insurance Mar 29, 2009
5:16 Delorean Story-an Apr 19, 2009
5:17 Every Which Way But Lose Apr 26, 2009
5:18 Weiner of Our Discontent May 3, 2009
5:19 Daddy Queerest May 10, 2009
5:20 Stan's Night Out May 17, 2009

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