Dedicated to Denzil,killed by the drunken lorry driver who put Tariq in a wheelchair,the new school opens though Grantly and several pupils have misgivings about the move. Incumbent staff number strict English teacher Christine Mulgrew,whose sullen son Connor is a new pupil and old school history teacher Audrey McFall. Connor's recalcitrant behaviour,unknown to everybody else,is caused by his mother's fondness for drink. Jade and Drew,supposed half siblings, enrol but it becomes apparent that they are an item who have absconded from a care home. Jade genuinely wants an education but collapses in the school as she is pregnant by Drew. She refuses to take off with him again and he is arrested after threatening Michael. Michael himself is confronted in public by Gerard Findlay,head of a rival school,who accuses him of poaching staff and pupils.

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