Nikki, the Lowsleys and Hector take a party of students on the 'resilience camp' weekend to hone initiative skills. Gabriella, still besotted with Hector, steals a boat and rows to the middle of a lake, where she rings him to come and save her. Hector is more interested in trying to seduce Nikki and has his phone switched off but eventually goes to Gabriella's aid. Nikki rings Christine, who cancels the weekend, making Gabriella even more unpopular with her peers, who take their revenge on her. Back at school Christine, who is struggling with her own feelings for George, is concerned about George's relationship with Carol, whom she feels is exploiting him but he writes off her concern as jealousy. Hector admits that he turned his phone off to prevent Christine ending the whole resilience project. Berated by the Lowsleys he feels sorry for himself and starts drinking. Nikki looks in on him and finally succumbs to his advances.

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