During one of Bullock lectures, Stan receives a phone call from Jeff that Hayley has gone on a rampage at the local shopping mall. When he arrives at the mall, Stan helps Jeff escape from the rubble. Jeff later informs him that he broke up with Hayley, much to Stan's dismay. Hayley is later tranquilized by police officers, and the Smith family are informed that she will be sent to prison if another rampage was ensued by her. While both parents decide how to prevent another aggressive tangent from happening, Francine walks in to Hayley kissing a man that closely resembles Stan. Francine disgustedly passes out and runs down stairs. Stan later reveals that his look-alike is actually a clone named Bill, who was made by the CIA. While the four spend time together at the beach, Stan gives Bill a detailed description about Francine's sex drive, leading Bill to seduce and attempt to have sex with Francine. Stan later kicks him out, and disguises himself as Bill. With Hayley, they travel to a resort. Hayley later finds out that she was with Stan throughout their relationship, infuriating her on the thought of having intercourse with his father and leading her to cause a forest fire. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger get a job in a slaughterhouse full of chickens as part of their "summer of exotic adventure". After learning the male chickens get slaughtered, Steve attempts to save as many chickens as possible. Dismayed that his "summer of exotic adventure" is ruined, Roger uses those chickens for various cockfights. Steve goes over and challenges Roger to a fight over the roosters. When Steve wins, he accidentally releases his roosters into the streets, where they are all hit by cars. Roger then clocks Steve with a folding chair when he mourns.

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American Dad! Season 5

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American Dad!
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5:3 One Little Word Oct 19, 2008
5:4 Choosy Wives Choose Smith Nov 2, 2008
5:5 Escape from Pearl Bailey Nov 9, 2008
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5:13 Jack's Back Mar 15, 2009
5:14 Bar Mitzvah Shuffle Mar 20, 2009
5:15 Wife Insurance Mar 29, 2009
5:16 Delorean Story-an Apr 19, 2009
5:17 Every Which Way But Lose Apr 26, 2009
5:18 Weiner of Our Discontent May 3, 2009
5:19 Daddy Queerest May 10, 2009
5:20 Stan's Night Out May 17, 2009

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