Carol shows the group photos of the figure in a Yoda mask she saw. She takes Phil and Erica to search for "Yoda", and they find a house filled with children's toys and drawings of Phil and Carol's honeymoon. Phil states that they should leave the place undisturbed but barrel rolls out of their disguised car and waits all night, urging "Yoda" to return and sensing a young version of himself in the child. Carol and Erica arrive in the morning to take a frustrated and cold Phil back to the office, only for "Yoda" to spring up behind them in the car. Meanwhile, Todd asks Melissa about her unidentified tablet, but she keeps stating, "Santa's penis". He and Gail try to match the pill with other samples at a pharmacy until Gail drops and loses it, angering Todd. On the drive back, Gail reminds Todd to rescue her accordion from the elevator where she was trapped. Seeing what Gail experienced there, Todd apologizes for overly focusing on Melissa and fixes Gail's Gordon mannequin. Later, Gail notices a medicine labeled "Clozapine", which resembles Melissa's and has a matching syndrome.

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The Last Man on Earth Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Last Man on Earth
3:1 General Breast Theme with Cobras Sep 25, 2016
3:2 The Wild Guess Express Oct 2, 2016
3:3 You're All Going to Diet Oct 16, 2016
3:4 Five Hoda Kotbs Oct 23, 2016
3:7 Mama's Hideaway Nov 20, 2016
3:8 Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem Dec 4, 2016
3:9 If You're Happy and You Know It Dec 11, 2016
3:10 Got Milk? Mar 5, 2017
3:11 The Spirit of St. Lewis Mar 12, 2017
3:12 Hair of the Dog Mar 19, 2017
3:13 Find This Thing We Need To Mar 26, 2017
3:14 Point Person Knows Best Apr 2, 2017

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