The survivors take turns talking to Melissa, who plays hurtful mind games with each of them. Erica researches new ways to help Melissa with her condition, Todd installs a baby video monitor in her room, and Phil tries giving her pills before Todd dismisses the idea, as none of the survivors is a doctor. Lewis celebrates completing his flight training with Phil, who surprises him with a real airplane and convinces him to fly to Tokyo despite the group's worries for him. On the day Lewis takes off for Tokyo, he quickly crashes his plane and dies. Phil then delivers a eulogy for Lewis and tries to spread his ashes using a drone, which crashes into a tree and falls into a lake. In a church, Phil asks God to tell Lewis his apologies and expresses his desire to help the group however he can. He suddenly has an epiphany and lights the front of the group's main building with a rainbow pattern in Lewis's honor. Though Phil fails to lift his friends' spirits, his installation of the lights causes the power to return to the building where Gail is stranded. The elevator door opens, and Gail's fingers are briefly seen moving.

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