Mickey and Gus are planning a late-night date, and Gus is walking on a cloud. Mickey starts to have second thoughts because of her horrible past experiences. Dr. Colter is concerned about the quality of callers into the show. He wants better calls so he convinces Mickey to be a fake caller. She starts a call and ends up putting her personal life into her assumed identity. Dr. Colter realizes what's going on and advises her to cut and run because she's incapable of having real relationships due to her addiction problems. After a very long night filled with miscommunication - and an odd meet-up with Andy Dick - Mickey and Gus agree to have a real date.

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Love Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 It Begins Feb 19, 2016
1:2 One Long Day Feb 19, 2016
1:3 Tested Feb 19, 2016
1:4 Party in the Hills Feb 19, 2016
1:5 The Date Feb 19, 2016
1:6 Andy Feb 19, 2016
1:7 Magic Feb 19, 2016
1:8 Closing Title Song Feb 19, 2016
1:9 The Table Read Feb 19, 2016
1:10 The End of the Beginning Feb 19, 2016

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