Job travels to New York and breaks into Rabbit's brother's church. Just before Job can shoot Rabbit, he's captured by Rabbit's brother. Job manages to break free of his restraints and engages Rabbit's men in a shootout before escaping the church and being hit by a car. In Banshee, Proctor is visited by his mother and they have their first heart to heart conversation in years. Burton executes one of the skin heads whom Emmett beat up in the previous episode for betraying Proctor's trust and telling the cops about the meth lab. Burton then attempts to kill Juliette, the stripper that helped Hood arrest Proctor, but Rebecca helps her escape, causing the distrust between Rebecca and Burton to grow. Carrie moves back in with Gordon and their children, and Hood and Siobhan grow closer. While they're together Job phones Hood, telling him he's found Rabbit and is at New York Presbyterian hospital with a concussion. Siobhan is frustrated by Hood's behavior but he just says he's sorry and rushes to Carrie's house to tell her about Job and Rabbit. She tells Gordon she has to leave. Gordon, distraught, holds Hood at gunpoint. Carrie tells Gordon that Hood is Deva's father before departing with him to New York. After managing to rescue Job from assassins sent by Rabbit, Hood and Carrie prepare for an all-out assault against Rabbit and his brother.

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