Homer, Marge, and Maggie attend Bart and Lisa's Christmas pageant at Springfield Elementary School. At home, Marge asks the children what they want for Christmas and Bart asks for a tattoo. When Marge, Bart, and Lisa go Christmas shopping the next day, Bart sneaks away and starts getting a tattoo reading "Mother". Discovering this, Marge interrupts the process at "Moth" and immediately takes him to a laser removal clinic and spends the family's Christmas money getting Bart's tattoo removed. Meanwhile, at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer learns that he will not be getting a Christmas bonus.

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The Simpsons Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Simpsons
1:1 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Dec 17, 1989
1:2 Bart the Genius Jan 14, 1990
1:3 Homer's Odyssey Jan 21, 1990
1:4 There's No Disgrace Like Home Jan 28, 1990
1:5 Bart the General Feb 4, 1990
1:6 Moaning Lisa Feb 11, 1990
1:7 The Call of the Simpsons Feb 18, 1990
1:8 The Telltale Head Feb 25, 1990
1:9 Life on the Fast Lane Mar 18, 1990
1:10 Homer's Night Out Mar 25, 1990
1:11 The Crepes of Wrath Apr 15, 1990
1:12 Krusty Gets Busted Apr 29, 1990
1:13 Some Enchanted Evening May 13, 1990

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