While filming BFFs, Dev discovers that the makeup artist Lisa has quit the show. After hearing a rumor from his friend Benjamin, he asks Lisa why she left, where she confirms Jeff sexually harassed her, along with some other crew members. Before they promote the show on Raven Live!, Dev's agent tells him that the women Jeff harassed have come forward with their stories. Raven (Raven-Symone)[31] confronts Jeff, who walks off the set. Dev tries to separate himself from Jeff, but he misspeaks and is kicked off the the show as well. At the apartment, Francesca comes to him, where he says the show is likely cancelled. He asks for her decision, and she says she is going back to Italy with Pino. Dev gets upset, and says he was just a distraction from a dying relationship. She rebuts him by saying that she cannot abandon her grandmother in Modena to move here. She leaves. Dev asks Arnold what to do, and he runs into Rachel. The two quickly say goodbye to each other. Dev sits at home, wondering if a relationship with Francesca would ever be possible. Francesca packs her bags, and Pino asks if she is ready to leave. She does not respond, and the screen cuts to black. Before the credits roll, she and Dev are seen lying next to each other in bed, Francesca not wearing her engagement ring.

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Master of None Season 2

# Title Air Date
Master of None
2:1 The Thief May 12, 2017
2:2 Le Nozze May 12, 2017
2:3 Religion May 12, 2017
2:4 First Date May 12, 2017
2:5 The Dinner Party May 12, 2017
2:6 New York, I Love You May 12, 2017
2:7 Door #3 May 12, 2017
2:8 Thanksgiving May 12, 2017
2:9 Amarsi Un Po' May 12, 2017
2:10 Buona Notte May 12, 2017

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