Jeff informs Dev that the network wishes to lock him down for a seven season Clash of the Cupcakes contract. Dev wants to think about it, as he is not passionate about the show. Meanwhile, Brian's dad begins dating two women. When Brian asks how he can do that, he tells Brian and Arnold that the two women are alright with it, as old people like him are lonely. Dev visits his dad in the hospital he works at, and later the guest-judge on Clash injures himself while doing a magic trick. Dev sits down with Jeff, and tells him he wishes to quit Clash, but pitches a show called BFFs: Best Food Friends, where he and Jeff travel around the world together tasting foods and immersing themselves in cultures. Jeff loves it, and gets it greenlit. Brian's dad tells his son both women have broken up with him, and he gets a dog. When Dev Skypes Francesca to tell him the news, she tells Dev that she is engaged.

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Master of None Season 2

# Title Air Date
Master of None
2:1 The Thief May 12, 2017
2:2 Le Nozze May 12, 2017
2:3 Religion May 12, 2017
2:4 First Date May 12, 2017
2:5 The Dinner Party May 12, 2017
2:6 New York, I Love You May 12, 2017
2:7 Door #3 May 12, 2017
2:8 Thanksgiving May 12, 2017
2:9 Amarsi Un Po' May 12, 2017
2:10 Buona Notte May 12, 2017

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