Dev, being from a Muslim family, must fake being devout while his cousins are visiting. While hanging out with his younger cousin Navid, Navid reveals that while he believes in God and does Friday prayer, he does not wish to be confined to older practices, such as not eating pork. Navid convinces Dev to go with him to a food festival and skip Eid prayer. Dev later reveals to his family that he is not religious. His mother is upset, and doesn't wish to speak to him. Two weeks later, his father informs Dev since they raised him to be Muslim, his rejection of religion makes his mother feel like a failure. That night, he reads a copy of the Qur'an his mother gave him as a child, and texts her. They make up, coming to terms with the others' spirituality.

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Master of None Season 2

# Title Air Date
Master of None
2:1 The Thief May 12, 2017
2:2 Le Nozze May 12, 2017
2:3 Religion May 12, 2017
2:4 First Date May 12, 2017
2:5 The Dinner Party May 12, 2017
2:6 New York, I Love You May 12, 2017
2:7 Door #3 May 12, 2017
2:8 Thanksgiving May 12, 2017
2:9 Amarsi Un Po' May 12, 2017
2:10 Buona Notte May 12, 2017

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