Lawrence and Issa have a hard time returning to their old ways. Lawrence learns that he might have to take a lower-entry job and Issa overhears her coworkers badmouthing her beach day event behind her back. Molly brings Jared to a party to meet her friends and finds out that he never attended college, unlike her and her group of friends. Jared admits his interest in Molly after the party. Molly later decides to end things with Jared when she gets accepted into "The League", a highly exclusive dating app. Issa's beach clean-up event is a huge success and proves her coworkers wrong. When Issa returns home, she finds Lawrence cooking dinner and begins to reminisce about the good times they shared in the apartment. They finally share official apologies to each other.

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Insecure Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Insecure as Fuck Oct 9, 2016
1:2 Messy as Fuck Oct 16, 2016
1:3 Racist as Fuck Oct 23, 2016
1:4 Thirsty as Fuck Oct 30, 2016
1:5 Shady as Fuck Nov 6, 2016
1:6 Guilty as Fuck Nov 13, 2016
1:7 Real as Fuck Nov 20, 2016
1:8 Broke as Fuck Nov 27, 2016

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