While Issa decides to become the "No F**ks" version of herself, Molly decides to treat herself to a day of pampering. Lawrence continues to worry about Issa's absence as she ignores him and even has an awkward encounter with her at Rite Aid while she was buying a pack of underwear. The next day, Issa botches her work presentation that she failed to prepare for but later comes up with a beach clean-up event with her coworker Frieda. Molly later runs into Jared, the cute guy she met at the open mic-night, after a disappointing date and makes a connection with him. Issa returns home and apologizes to Lawrence for ignoring him.

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Insecure Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Insecure as Fuck Oct 9, 2016
1:2 Messy as Fuck Oct 16, 2016
1:3 Racist as Fuck Oct 23, 2016
1:4 Thirsty as Fuck Oct 30, 2016
1:5 Shady as Fuck Nov 6, 2016
1:6 Guilty as Fuck Nov 13, 2016
1:7 Real as Fuck Nov 20, 2016
1:8 Broke as Fuck Nov 27, 2016

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