IRS agent Dollard finds Gloria's number in the Stussy Lots file. He calls her and Gloria arranges to meet Dollard, despite insisting that she did not send the file. Dollard explains to Gloria that Varga's takeover of Stussy Lots is intended as a tax fraud scam. After returning from the police station, Emmit is forced to sign many contracts, after which he grabs Meemo's gun and attempts to force Varga to withdraw from Stussy Lots. He is knocked out from behind by Meemo. Varga tells his crew to get rid of any evidence and they all leave. Varga, Meemo and the crew go to meet Nikki and Mr. Wrench to pay ransom for the hard drives, but are ambushed by Wrench. Meemo is killed, but Varga escapes. Nikki gives Wrench most of the ransom money and the two part ways. Emmit, regaining consciousness, goes to Stussy Lots' offices to find that Goldfarb, who was apparently in league with Varga, has finalized her acquisition of the company for $100,000 and has begun moving her employees into the building. Goldfarb assures Emmit that he holds millions in offshore banks, but that he is liable for Stussy Lots' large debts and advises him to declare bankruptcy, leaving him distraught. In a remote area, Emmit's car stalls and he is confronted by Nikki. She holds him at gunpoint but when a state trooper intervenes, she hides the shotgun on Emmit's rear bumper. When the trooper asks for documents, Nikki shoots and kills the trooper, who simultaneously shoots Nikki dead. A traumatized Emmit flees the scene and drives to his wife's house, breaks down and sobs at her feet. Five years pass. Emmit, who has rekindled his marriage, celebrates a dinner with his family and friends, including a semi-recovered Sy. Emmit goes to the kitchen for the dessert and is shot in the back of the head by Mr. Wrench. Three months later, Gloria, now an agent for the Department of Homeland Security, interviews Varga, going by the name "Daniel Rand" in a holding cell. She declares that in five minutes he will be going to jail for money laundering and six counts of conspiracy to commit murder. However, Varga asserts that in five minutes Gloria's superior will arrive and let him go free, which Gloria scoffs at. The season ends with Gloria counting down the minutes on the cell's clock, with Varga's ultimate fate left unresolved.

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