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Fargo: Aporia / Season: 3 / Episode: 9 (00030009) (2017)

Fargo: Aporia / Season: 3 / Episode: 9 (00030009) (2017) (Television Episode)
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Aporia (Television Episode)

Season: 3
Episode: 9
Production Code: 00030009

June 14, 2017
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Marvin Stussy, a dentist in St. Cloud is killed in the same manner as Ray. Emmit is interviewed by Gloria and talks freely about his manipulation of Ray in taking the stamps instead of the Corvette upon their father's death as well as his confession for accidentally killing Ray. Varga instructs Meemo to infiltrate the police station where Emmit is held to get him out. However, while Meemo is on the way, Nikki and Mr. Wrench ambush and commandeer his truck using a fake grenade. They steal financial information from the remote office inside to blackmail Varga for $2 million. Winnie alerts Gloria of the coincidental last name of the earlier assassination. George Stussy is also found murdered by asphyxiation in his kitchen, as Ennis was. Ex-con Donald Woo is picked up for the associated deaths from a witness viewing his plates and deliberately takes the fall for Emmit, admitting to all of the murders in his stead. Ruby, when interviewed at the station by Gloria about her dinner with Sy and Emmit, is vague about the details. The interview is interrupted by Chief Dammik's arrest of Woo, closing the case and resulting in Emmit's release, whose confession Dammik dismisses as Emmit's guilt over not helping his brother. Varga meets with Nikki, and in order to get out of the blackmailing he repeatedly attempts to hire her, but she refuses. Wrench neutralizes Varga's sniper, Meemo, and Nikki gives Varga 24 hours to pay her ransom or she sends the information to the IRS. Gloria reveals the other Stussy murders to a shocked Emmit and confronts him about Varga's control of the events. Meemo and Varga pick up Emmit as he is released. Grabbing drinks together, Winnie reassures a disheartened Gloria of her importance to the police profession. An anonymous package with the accounts payable files from Stussy Lots is left on the desk of IRS agent Larue Dollard (Hamish Linklater).