Gloria and Winnie find Ray dead at his apartment. Nikki is arrested at her motel room, as Meemo watches from a distance. At St. Cloud's police headquarters, she is questioned by Chief Dammik, who suspects that she killed Ray in retaliation for his abuse. Nikki requests a lawyer. Winnie's supervisor orders her to return to traffic duty and asks Gloria, out of her jurisdiction, to leave. She presents her facts before asking Winnie to tell Emmit about his brother and gauge his reaction. Obviously distracted, Emmit arrives late for a dinner meeting with Ruby Goldfarb and Sy. Winnie finds Emmit and, though she doesn't mention how Ray died, Emmit suggests Nikki killed Ray. He and Sy leave, and a suspicious Winnie approaches Ruby. Emmit later asks Sy if he was working with Ray which Sy refutes, dispelling any previous suspicions. Varga, inside Emmit's home, asks how he feels; Emmit says "free", now that Ray is dead. An attempt is made on Nikki's life in her jail cell, but Gloria saves her. The uniformed assassin, Golem (DJ Qualls), makes a clean getaway. Nikki, thankful for Gloria saving her life, tells her and Chief Dammik to follow the money. Having violated parole, Nikki is put on a state prison bus and is seated next to a disheveled-looking Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard). With an elaborate ramp, Yuri causes the bus to overturn, and he and two accomplices enter.

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Fargo Season 3

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3:10 Somebody to Love Jun 21, 2017

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