Ray and a still-recovering Nikki plot revenge against Yuri and Meemo but are forced to use caution when they see them with Varga. Emmit and Sy listen to Varga's plan to expand Stussy Lots by 16 garages within three months; Sy is wary, but Emmit seems eager. Gloria and Winnie want to question Emmit, but Varga curtails the meeting. The two officers then knock on Ray's apartment door, so he and Nikki check into a motel room, not knowing Varga has ordered a hit on them. Ray forgets the $10,000 and returns to his apartment to retrieve it. There he finds Emmit, who offers to end the feud by giving the framed stamp to his brother and anything else he may want. Ray is leery and they argue. When the frame accidentally breaks in a shoving match, a shard of glass severs Ray's carotid artery, killing him. A distraught Emmit calls Varga who manages the fallout, suggesting that Ray abused Nikki, causing previous injuries, and she retaliated. Gloria, driving out of St. Cloud, changes her mind and reverses course to go question Ray at his home.

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Fargo Season 3

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