Ray, again disguised as Emmit, makes a sex tape with Nikki to blackmail his brother of $100,000. However, Emmit's wife Stella sees the video first and angrily leaves him, taking her mother and children with her. Prior to making the video, Ray proposes to Nikki and she happily accepts. Back at Stussy Lots, Varga takes Sy's office and punishes Sy for talking to law enforcement. A worried Sy then has dinner with Ruby Goldfarb (Mary McDonnell), a wealthy widow interested in buying Stussy Lots, but is interrupted by a distraught Emmit, who asks Sy to handle the situation with his brother by any means necessary. While purchasing Ray's tuxedo for the wedding, Nikki gets a call from Sy telling her to meet him at one of Emmit's lots. Ray is interrogated by Gloria and Winnie about the situation with Sy and the Ennis Stussy murder. However, Chief Dammik, chalking up the situation to coincidence, forces the pair to release Ray. Emmit has a meeting with Varga, who states his distrust towards Sy and suggests Sy and Ray may be working together to bring down Emmit. Nikki meets with Sy but their meeting is interrupted by Yuri and Meemo, who brutally beat Nikki as a traumatized Sy watches before fleeing. Ray returns home to find a badly bruised Nikki collapsed in an ice-filled bathtub.

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