In an effort to steal the stamp, Ray disguises himself as his brother and convinces the bank to withdraw $10,000 from Emmit's account and to open Emmit's safety deposit box, where only the ashes of a dog are found. Varga arrives unannounced on Emmit's doorstep and the two have dinner together. Varga manipulates him into officially signing him on as a partner, promising to make Emmit a billionaire. Meanwhile, Gloria looks further into Maurice's case and discovers that Ray is his parole officer, and she goes to question him. She makes the connection of the name Stussy being shared by Ennis and Ray. After Ray's superiors are tipped off by Sy about his relationship with Nikki, he is fired. St. Cloud policewoman Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval), who is investigating the hit-and-run committed by Sy, goes to question him, as the car was registered to Emmit's firm. Sy acts very suspiciously, unnerved as Varga's men are watching. Lopez then encounters Gloria and reveals to her, emphasizing the slight difference in addresses, that Emmit lives in Eden Prairie, the similarities in the two names and that Emmit and Ray are brothers. Gloria is convinced that it needs further investigation.

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