In Los Angeles in 1975, Thaddeus Mobley (Thomas Mann) is approached by film producer Howard Zimmerman (Fred Melamed) to adapt his award-winning novel The Planet Wyh. Zimmerman introduces him to actress Vivian Lord (Francesca Eastwood), who seduces him into also funding the film, with no intention of actually making it. After learning the two have conned him, Mobley severely beats and cripples Zimmerman. In 2010, Gloria is flying to L.A. and is reading The Planet Wyh. The novel's plot is represented throughout the episode as animated segments featuring the Unit MNSKY (voiced by McGregor): a small robot that can only say "I can help!" yet can do nothing to help those around him as the world is constantly changing. Once in L.A., Gloria unwittingly checks into Mobley's former motel room and tracks down hospital-bound Zimmerman (Roger V. Burton) and a washed-up Vivian (Frances Fisher). Both of them initially deny knowing Mobley, but Vivian ultimately reveals the con to Gloria. Back in the motel room, the dual timelines mirror each other, as Mobley and Gloria prepare to leave town. Mobley vomits in the toilet, Gloria drops some makeup beside it, and both see the toilet manufacturer's name: Dennis Stussy with a faded "D". Back in Eden Valley, Gloria learns from her partner Donny Mashman (Mark Forward) that Maurice's fingerprints were identified, but he is dead. They are both slightly suspicious of the circumstances of his death and resume Ennis's murder investigation.

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Fargo Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Law of Vacant Places Apr 19, 2017
3:2 The Principle of Restricted Choice Apr 26, 2017
3:3 The Law of Non-Contradiction May 3, 2017
3:4 The Narrow Escape Problem May 10, 2017
3:5 The House of Special Purpose May 17, 2017
3:6 The Lord of No Mercy May 24, 2017
3:7 The Law of Inevitability May 31, 2017
3:8 Who Rules the Land of Denial? Jun 7, 2017
3:9 Aporia Jun 14, 2017
3:10 Somebody to Love Jun 21, 2017

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