Concerned for his business, Emmit asks his lawyer to investigate Varga. An internet search causes the lawyer's computer to crash and Varga's men to toss him off a parking garage. Varga then takes ownership of an unused wing of Emmit's offices. While coping with the introduction of a new police chief (Shea Whigham) and Ennis's funeral arrangements, Gloria learns that her stepfather wrote cheap science-fiction novels under, what she believes to be, a pseudonym "Thaddeus Mobley". She also investigates the gas station that Maurice stopped in on the night of the murder and discovers he took a page from a phone book with Ennis's information, arousing her suspicions. Nikki suggests Ray make peace with his brother while she steals the stamp. He cordially visits Emmit and the two make peace, which gives Nikki enough time to search his home office. However, Emmit had already put the stamp in a safety-deposit box. Enraged, she leaves a used tampon in one of his desk drawers. Emmit sees it and later tells business partner Sy Feltz (Michael Stuhlbarg) that he put the stamp in the box because the frame is being replaced. Sy meets with Ray to tell him that he can no longer have contact with his brother; he then rams Ray's Corvette twice and accidentally hits another car as he leaves.

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Fargo Season 3

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3:10 Somebody to Love Jun 21, 2017

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