After saying goodbye to her brother Matt, Nora enters the device that would reunite her with those who were lost in The Departure. Many years later, an aged Kevin appears at Nora's doorstep in Australia. Nora is confused by his presence, as he seemingly has no memory of any of the events that had transpired after Mapleton. Despite his attempts at reconnecting with her, Nora continuously rebuffs him until he reveals the truth: he knew that Nora had disappeared after "crossing over" but refused to believe she was gone. He then traveled to Australia every year just to look for her, finally finding her a couple of days before. Nora then gives Kevin an account of what allegedly transpired during the procedure: she was transported to an alternate reality where 98% of the population of the planet disappeared instead of just 2%. After a lengthy journey back to Mapleton, she learned that her husband had remarried and her children happy in their lives. Nora then had the creator of the device send her back home, where she lived in Australia for the next twenty years with only Laurie (her therapist) knowing she was back; she further states that she did not tell Kevin as she was unsure if he would believe her. Kevin then tells her that he does, tearfully expresses relief that they are reunited, and holds her hand. It is left to the viewer to decide whether her account was the truth.

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