When "The Man on the Tower" dies of a heart attack, his widow insists that he departed, but Nora visits Matt to prove otherwise. Later, she is contacted by actor Mark Linn-Baker, who claims he represents people who can reunite her with her children if she meets him in St. Louis. Nora is convinced Linn-Baker is suicidal after he explains the group he represents have built a device to "send" people wherever their departed loved ones have gone. The next day, Nora drives to Kentucky to see Lily, now living with her mother Christine. Returning to Texas, Nora confides to Erika that she broke her own arm after having her children's tattooed names covered. She and Tom have a charged exchange concerning Lily before she returns home to find Kevin suffocating himself. He tells her he is not suicidal, but does it to feel. She gets a call from Linn-Baker's benefactors, and they ask that she meet them in Melbourne with $20,000. She agrees and Kevin asks to go along. In Australia, a group of older women kidnap a police chief named Kevin and drown him, expecting him to return to life. As it becomes clear he will not, Kevin Garvey's father approaches and asks what they are doing.

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The Leftovers Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Leftovers
3:1 The Book of Kevin Apr 16, 2017
3:2 Don't Be Ridiculous Apr 23, 2017
3:3 Crazy Whitefella Thinking Apr 30, 2017
3:4 G'Day Melbourne May 7, 2017
3:5 It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World May 14, 2017
3:6 Certified May 21, 2017
3:7 The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother) May 28, 2017
3:8 The Book of Nora Jun 4, 2017

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