Back in Mapleton, Kevin is in the midst of a crisis of conscience over his role in Patti Levin's death. He returns to the shallow grave in the woods and unearths the body. He purposely speeds past a police car and is pulled over and taken in for questioning. He is quickly released after being advised to admit that Patti's death was suicide by the investigating officer. Jill meets with Tom at a diner and attempts to woo him back to the rest of the family, to no avail. After a talk with his recently released father, Kevin proposes to Nora and Jill that they relocate. Nora sells her house to a group from MIT interested in the Departure, and she uses the money to purchase an auctioned house in Jarden, Texas. Shortly after their arrival, Kevin begins to have visions of Patti. That night he awakens at the bottom of a drained lake, with a cinder block tied to his ankle: just a few feet away from where the three girls disappeared.

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The Leftovers Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Leftovers
2:1 Axis Mundi Oct 4, 2015
2:2 A Matter of Geography Oct 11, 2015
2:3 Off Ramp Oct 18, 2015
2:4 Orange Sticker Oct 25, 2015
2:5 No Room at the Inn Nov 1, 2015
2:6 Lens Nov 8, 2015
2:7 A Most Powerful Adversary Nov 15, 2015
2:8 International Assassin Nov 22, 2015
2:9 Ten Thirteen Nov 29, 2015
2:10 I Live Here Now Dec 6, 2015