Dozens of CERT officers in riot gear break down the prison doors, with smoke bombs, stun guns and batons in hand, causing pandemonium as they handcuff all the prisoners.The CERT officers discover the dead Humphrey, and escalate their tactics to "by any means necessary." Black Cindy and Taystee panic as Suzanne is unconscious from the lithium. They eventually get help from Nicky, who takes them down to Frieda's hiding place and they inject her with the only thing they can find, an epi-pen, which finally revives her. Angie and Leanne burn all the prison records to erase their history of infractions. Deciding not to go down without a fight, Ouija, Pidge and the white supremacists barricade themselves inside a dorm and manage to injure some of the CERT officers with booby traps before being restrained. The prisoners are led outside in handcuffs in front of a crowd of family and media. Maritza and Flaca are thrilled to see rabid fans of their YouTube beauty tutorials cheering for them. Linda tries to tell an officer she is from MCC, but she is ignored after Big Boo and others mock her by also claiming the same thing. A count of the prisoners leaves them 10 short, and Caputo tells them about the old pool that Figueroa never got filled. The CERT chief says the fact they are hiding "strategically" means they are planning an offensive against the officers, and that the governor has already approved any casualties necessary. Pennsatucky and Charlie watch TV together inside his cabin. Nicky brings Taystee, Black Cindy and Suzanne to the bunker, where Taystee is shocked to see Piscatella tied up. She takes Frieda's gun and points it at him, telling him he is to blame for Poussey's death. Instead of killing him, she breaks down crying. Red, surprisingly, releases Piscatella and tells him to leave without touching anyone. Piscatella slowly walks out into the hall only to be shot and killed by an inexperienced CERT officer, who did not recognize him through the smokebombs. As night falls, the prisoners outside are loaded onto buses and told they are all headed to new prisons; Flaca and Maritza are separated. In the bunker, the remaining prisoners-Alex, Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Red, Black Cindy, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca, and Gloria-link arms as the CERT blows the doors off.

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The Little Mermaid

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Storm-y Weather part of Orange is the New Black Season 5
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Orange is the New Black Season 5

# Title Air Date
Orange is the New Black
5:1 Riot FOMO Jun 9, 2017
5:2 Fuck, Mary, Frieda Jun 9, 2017
5:3 Pissters! Jun 9, 2017
5:4 Litchfield's Got Talent Jun 9, 2017
5:5 Sing It, White Effie Jun 9, 2017
5:6 Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally Jun 9, 2017
5:7 Full Bush, Half Snickers Jun 9, 2017
5:8 Tied to the Tracks Jun 9, 2017
5:9 The Tightening Jun 9, 2017
5:10 The Reverse Midas Touch Jun 9, 2017
5:11 Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling Jun 9, 2017
5:12 Tattoo You Jun 9, 2017
5:13 Storm-y Weather Jun 9, 2017


Stormy Weather

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

Stormy Weather
performed by Etta James