The group drags the unconscious Piscatella into Frieda's bunker, where they argue about what should be done. Red wants revenge-"nothing he doesn't deserve"-and they end up tying her up too. She despairs that Piscatella will never see justice. Gina, however, had recorded video of Piscatella brutally breaking Alex's arm, and they leak it online. Gloria, desperate to see her severely injured son in the hospital, tries sneaking each of the hostage guards outside one at a time while the other guards, including Ouija, get high on drugs. Claiming she is going to teach them a lesson, she drags them out and locks them in the Porta-Pottys. Taystee, after 12 hours of trying to get Figueroa to see the benefits of improving prison conditions, discovers she truly has a knack for advocacy. Boo continues her romance with Linda, but is crushed when she sees the cell phone photo of her with Caputo and discovers her whole story is a lie. Suzanne goes into a psychotic break, but Lorna, in the dispensary, refuses to say what Suzanne takes; she is overpowered by Cindy, who takes a bottle of lithium that she thinks helps calm people down. Lorna finds a pregnancy test and takes it, confirming her suspicion. As her unconscious son is taken to have brain surgery, Gloria confesses her plan to Maria, who offers her full support. Maria says she thinks of her little girl and now understands that parents would do anything for their children. Gloria escorts Luschek, the final guard, outside to discover that her plan of delivering the guards to Caputo has been dashed: there's a hole in the fence and the guards have escaped. Gloria breaks down and tries to escape through the hole, crying about her son, and others realize what she had been planning.

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Orange is the New Black Season 5

# Title Air Date
Orange is the New Black
5:1 Riot FOMO Jun 9, 2017
5:2 Fuck, Mary, Frieda Jun 9, 2017
5:3 Pissters! Jun 9, 2017
5:4 Litchfield's Got Talent Jun 9, 2017
5:5 Sing It, White Effie Jun 9, 2017
5:6 Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally Jun 9, 2017
5:7 Full Bush, Half Snickers Jun 9, 2017
5:8 Tied to the Tracks Jun 9, 2017
5:9 The Tightening Jun 9, 2017
5:10 The Reverse Midas Touch Jun 9, 2017
5:11 Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling Jun 9, 2017
5:12 Tattoo You Jun 9, 2017
5:13 Storm-y Weather Jun 9, 2017

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