Feeling shame and guilt following a night of passion with Sheila, Louis throws himself into a case with his associate Brian, while simultaneously avoiding an appointment with Dr. Lipschitz. When Louis finally meets with Lipschitz, he explains his actions by saying that Sheila, not Tara, is his one true love. Mike meanwhile suggests that Harvey reestablish his strength by taking on a prosecutor who is making waves prosecuting Wall Street corruption and winning every case. After finding a client to defend, Harvey learns that the prosecutor, Andy Malick (Usman Ally), once worked with him in the Manhattan DA's office. Harvey does not remember Andy, but Andy definitely remembers Harvey as being Cameron Dennis' pet employee. Donna is drawn into the case as well, being the only other person aware of the shady things that went on under Cameron's leadership. Elsewhere, Rachel goes after predatory lenders in a pro bono case with her father, later learning that the case is deeply personal for Robert.

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