Tensions run high when Issa and Lawrence are both invited to Derek's birthday party. Issa accepts Daniel's call and cuts him out of her life when he says they are even and now she knows how he felt. Molly rethinks her future and breaks things off with Dro after he brings his wife to the party. Issa realizes the vice principal is discriminating against the latino students and makes amends with Frieda. Issa and Lawrence exchange heated words as Issa is waiting on her ride. Issa snaps and flips all her furniture over in her apartment.

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Insecure Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Hella Great Jul 23, 2017
2:2 Hella Questions Jul 30, 2017
2:3 Hella Open Aug 6, 2017
2:4 Hella LA Aug 13, 2017
2:5 Hella Shook Aug 20, 2017
2:6 Hella Blows Aug 27, 2017
2:7 Hella Disrespectful Sep 3, 2017
2:8 Hella Perspective Sep 10, 2017