Rodriguez is in jail. Paranoid about leaks, Miguel cracks down on his security. Colonel Martinez needs to resign, as false evidence about him accepting bribes has come up. Calderón, the dirty cop, is being blamed for the mistakes that led to Rodriguez' arrest. Pacho makes a decision about his new offer. Peña tries to convince the US citizen Christina to make her husband, Franklin Jurado, the main money launderer for the Cali Cartel, flip. Gilberto is shocked by his son's words of not being able to surrender anymore.

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Narcos Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Kingpin Strategy Sep 1, 2017
3:2 The Cali KGB Sep 1, 2017
3:4 Checkmate Sep 1, 2017
3:5 MRO Sep 1, 2017
3:6 Best Laid Plans Sep 1, 2017
3:7 Sin Salida Sep 1, 2017
3:8 Convivir Sep 1, 2017
3:9 Todos Los Hombres del Presidente Sep 1, 2017
3:10 Going Back to Cali Sep 1, 2017
3:3 Follow the Money Sep 1, 2018

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