We are introduced to Ron Snuffkin, an employee at a sporting goods store who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, and is now living in his car. Ron is in a lot of hot water because he has a $2000 debt that he cannot pay. He plans to find a set of valuable soldiers, at his mother's house, to sell in hopes of clearing his debt. Meanwhile, the three Gunderson brothers, need to register for school, but need a father figure to help them fill out the paperwork to avoid the school from finding out that their father is in prison, which would mean social services stepping in and possibly splitting the brothers up. Ron needs money, the Gunderson boys need a father. This could be a match made in heaven. Or not.

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Sons of Tucson Season 1

# Title Air Date
Sons of Tucson
1:1 Pilot Mar 14, 2010
1:2 The Break-In Mar 21, 2010
1:3 Kisses and Beads Mar 21, 2010
1:3 The Golden Ticket Mar 28, 2010

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