Jesse discovers Jane's fate and self destructs, forcing Walt to come to his rescue. Jesse is checked into a rehab center, remarking that he understands Walt's comments in the desert. Walt's funds are funneled into Flynn's website, which attracts the attention of the media. Walt's secretive behavior is discovered before his surgery when he accidentally discloses his second cell phone. Skyler's subsequent investigation reveals many of Walt's numerous lies and that their medical bills are nearly paid off despite receiving no money from Gretchen. Walt attempts to dissuade her from leaving him by telling the truth, but she refuses to listen, being too afraid to find out. Donald is revealed to be an air traffic controller and his grief over the death of his daughter Jane results in the midair collision of two planes, raining two bodies and a burned teddy bear on the White residence.

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Breaking Bad Season 2

# Title Air Date
Breaking Bad
2:1 Seven Thirty-Seven Mar 8, 2009
2:2 Grilled Mar 15, 2009
2:3 Bit by a Dead Bee Mar 22, 2009
2:4 Down Mar 29, 2009
2:5 Breakage Apr 5, 2009
2:6 Peekaboo Apr 12, 2009
2:7 Negro y Azul Apr 19, 2009
2:8 Better Call Saul Apr 26, 2009
2:9 4 Days Out May 3, 2009
2:10 Over May 10, 2009
2:11 Mandala May 17, 2009
2:12 Phoenix May 24, 2009
2:13 ABQ May 31, 2009

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