Just when Hank, Karen and Becca are packing for their move to New York, Mia comes back to town along with a new agent boyfriend who extracted from Mia, Hank's statutory rape of her. Hank attempts to convince Mia not to tell everyone about their consensual sex and resorts to violence against Mia's boyfriend. After leaving Mia's place, Hank comes clean to Karen about the whole incident. When the police show up, Hank is arrested for assault and battery. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks about having his vasectomy reversed, but Marcy seems to want the divorce to become final.

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Californication Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 Wish You Were Here Sep 27, 2009
3:2 The Land of Rape and Honey Oct 4, 2009
3:3 Verities & Balderdash Oct 11, 2009
3:4 Zoso Oct 18, 2009
3:5 Slow Happy Boys Oct 25, 2009
3:6 Glass Houses Nov 1, 2009
3:7 So Here's the Thing... Nov 8, 2009
3:8 The Apartment Nov 15, 2009
3:9 Mr. Bad Example Nov 22, 2009
3:10 Dogtown Nov 29, 2009
3:11 Comings & Goings Dec 6, 2009
3:12 Mia Culpa Dec 13, 2009

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