Nate, Brenda and Maya attend a memorial service for Lisa in Idaho. Claire comes to final blows with Edie at Jimmy's party. Ruth reconciles with George.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

performed by Mindy Smith

This Song is played in The Black Forest part of Six Feet Under Season 4
This song plays as Nate and Brenda have an awkward meeting with Barb, in a cafe in Idaho.

It refers to these books...

written by

This Book is referred to by The Black Forest part of Six Feet Under Season 4
Nate's neice (through Lisa) asks about this book which she asked Nate to give to David. She tells Nate he can read it too because it is very informative.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Six Feet Under Season 4

# Title Air Date
Six Feet Under
4:1 Falling into Place Jun 13, 2004
4:2 In Case of Rapture Jun 20, 2004
4:3 Parallel Play Jun 27, 2004
4:4 Can I Come Up Now? Jul 11, 2004
4:5 That's My Dog Jul 18, 2004
4:6 Terror Starts at Home Jul 25, 2004
4:7 The Dare Aug 1, 2004
4:8 Coming and Going Aug 8, 2004
4:9 Grinding the Corn Aug 15, 2004
4:10 The Black Forest Aug 22, 2004
4:11 Bomb Shelter Aug 29, 2004
4:12 Untitled Sep 12, 2004